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We’re very happy to offer you specialized physical therapy treatments & sports rehab in Austin & Houston, Texas as well as ColoradoClick here to get in touch & let us know how we can help.

Please note, we do require a doctor’s referral prior to scheduling an appointment. It just needs to be a general order for PT from any of your physicians. If it is easier for you, here is a referral form that your doctor can just fill out. This helps streamline the scheduling process and allows you to get in sooner. 

If you have any questions at all or would like to chat with us directly before scheduling your first appointment,  you can send us a text or e-mail at any time or visit us in person at our physical therapy clinics:

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We’re also very happy to offer you a free subscription to our newsletter where we share specific information on specialized manual therapy for EDS and many other complex conditions we treat as well as exclusive deals for subscribers, upcoming live events in Austin, Houston & Colorado, new educational & self-treatment videos, and much more!

Directions to Our Austin Physical Therapy Clinic

Virtual Tour (Inside look at our Austin office inside Tiger ATX)

Directions to our Houston Physical Therapy Clinic

Virtual Tour (Inside look at our Houston office inside All In One Peace Wellness Center)