Myokinesthetics (MYK) for Specialized Physical Therapy

Myokinesthetics (MYK) provided by Experienced Manual TherapistsMyokinesthetics or “MYK” is the newest and most effective manual therapy technique to treat chronic pain and illnesses and other complex conditions. This technique targets specific nerves that reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve range of motion. In addition, it eliminates “thumb poking” and “popping” approaches providing you with a safer and more comfortable experience.

Each individual undergoes a postural assessment to determine the primary source of impairment. Once the nerve has been identified, the PT performs the treatment and then retests for changes in posture. This approach differs than other approaches in that it treats all the muscles along a single nerve pathway. Each treatment focuses on clearing the “compensation” movements and stimulating the correct muscles to provide appropriate stability and postural alignment.

Effective Manual Therapy for Chronic Pain ReductionThe treatment takes about 6 to 10 minutes and includes passive and active movements on both sides of the body. By using both upper and lower body treatments, information travels faster to the body for more rapid and effective results. As a result, this leads to restored muscle imbalances, reduced compensation, and improved quality of life.

MYK also benefits high performance athletes with sport related injuries by speeding up healing to return back to their sport. Other conditions commonly treated include dysautonomia, bowel disorders, and EDS.

We are very happy to inform you that the PARR PT team currently has 2 out of 5 certified Myokinesthetic clinicians in the state of Texas.