Specialized Physical Therapy Treatments

If you or a loved one has EDS in the greater Austin or Houston areas, please contact us directly by texting either of our locations or to schedule a phone consultation for an on-site evaluation. We are experts in treating this complex condition and have had incredible results with numerous patients from all backgrounds and with all types of hypermobility issues.

We look forward to speaking with you personally about how our 3 Systems approach to effectively treating EDS can help.

Bowel disorders such as constipation, IBS, and gastroparesis are quite common, especially among patients who suffer from complex conditions like EDS,  POTS, and/or other chronic pain disorders. Luckily, our specialized physical therapy treatments can help relieve or even eliminate these and other symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, or bloating and regulate bowel movements.

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Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic illness affect thousands of people worldwide. Due to it’s complexity, it can be extremely difficult to find the root cause. At PARR PT, we specialize in finding the root cause that can help reduce the symptoms that have kept you from doing what you love for a long time.

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If you suffer from neurological disorders or have Parkinson’s, we would love to help you improve your quality of life. Utilizing many of the specialized rehabilitation techniques detailed here, we will support you, in a safe environment, on your journey to increased strength, flexibility and relearning essential movement patterns for maximum recovery.

At PARR PT in Austin & Houston, we use our patented MATRIX Gait Trainer with patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. We optimized this easy-to-use upright walker with a customizable bungee system for additional lower-limb support to assist in retraining walking.

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We incorporate Myokinesthetics (MYK) in virtually all our manual therapy sessions with you. This relatively new technique has proven in many research trials to be one of the most effective techniques in treating stubborn injuries and weaknesses as well as the pain caused by numerous complex conditions.

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In addition to all of the specialized physical therapy treatments listed above, we also offer 1-on-1 elite personal training, post-rehab training, return to sports rehabilitation, and comprehensive injury-prevention programs in Austin & Houston. If you’re a graduate of our recovery program or are a high-level athlete, definitely check out this page or shoot us an e-mail from our contact page. If you’re in Austin, your trainer will be a 6-time American Ninja Warrior veteran & finalist!