Neurological Disorders and Brain Injuries

Specialized Physical Therapy for Neurological Disorders & Brain Injuries

Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Neurological RehabilitationIt is important to understand the impact of all types of Neurological Disorders and Brain Injuries. Not only do they affect the patient’s quality of life, but the entire family’s as well. PARR PT focuses on providing specialized physical therapy to counter the physical disabilities associated with each disorder or injury. We use a variety of alternative methods to restore strength, stability, and function. These methods include Myokinesthetics, Ninja Warrior training, and other advanced neurological techniques. Using these methods, along with MATRIX gait training, we effectively target the pathways responsible for recovery.

At PARR PT, each individual undergoes a unique assessment by a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) who then prescribes a custom recovery program. Each program focuses on relearning specific functional movement patterns for maximum recovery. Our Brain Injury treatment programs can take a variety of forms to best suit your needs: Some programs include one-on-one training in our functional fitness gym and some focus on caregiver training for completing the program in the home. This can be either onsite or virtually. Along with thorough client specific video-based home exercise program, each client and caregiver team is given one-on-one training to ensure safety and success with the program.

Brain Injury Testimonial

Jadwiga H | Austin, Texas

There is so much to say about Parr PT, but I will just touch on the highlights. We have been to many PTs and OTs over the past 6 years but none of them compare to Jonathan. My son Alex was injured in 2014 resulting in an anoxic brain injury and spinal cord damage that left him wheelchair-bound. Since then, he’s made great progress and we have met with multiple PTs and OTs throughout the years. However, their focus has always been around accommodating to his new constraints. Meeting Jonathan changed that thinking for us. His therapy plan has always been on helping Alex regain his function and become more independent. 

Jonathan asks questions that are specifically tailored to Alex’s needs and he is genuinely interested in helping improve the progress of each of his patients. There is never a second wasted when training with him. We have found Alex to be more mobile, stronger, and challenged in a positive way since starting to work at Parr PT. Jonathan is truly a rare find among PTs and we are so fortunate to work with him!

Parkinson’s Balance and Gait Training in Austin & Houston

Specialized Gait Training in Austin & Houston | The MATRIX Walker from PARR PTOur innovative gait training system utilizes our patented MATRIX Gait Trainer, an upright walker for adults based on years of experience treating Parkinson’s patients . This stand-up walker is equipped with a unique bungee system to better replicate optimal walking mechanics and reduce counterproductive compensation strategies, such as shuffling gait. Easily customized to each person, our gait trainer is simple and safe to use.

Developed by expert physical therapist Jonathan Parr (PT, CSCS, EP, MCMT, CBIS), the MATRIX provides a wider base of support ensuring both practitioner and patient safety. The most effective feature of this rehabilitation device is its ability to minimize compensation by using bungees to keep the foot in proper alignment. It improves biomechanics and also provides high quality steps to maximize muscle memory. In addition, it reduces the amount of energy spent due to excess compensation needed to perform each step. As the brain begins to learn to this new way of walking, the body then adapts by providing more fluidity and stability. 


This adult walker can be used with patients who suffer from:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Strokes
  • Brain injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Other nerve-related dysfunctions.

Get our patented MATRIX Gait Trainer here >.

Expert Gait Training with the Walker Bungee Support System | Visit the PARR PT Online Shop for Your Physical Therapy NeedsWith over 500 hours of patient use, the MATRIX continues to show to be highly effective in restoring walking in various conditions. It provides ideal postural alignment free of harnesses or platforms for more real life scenarios. In addition, it targets the correct pathways responsible for muscle memory to ensure proper muscle activation when walking. Most importantly, it improves confidence that is usually compromised by fear of falling. It can also allow for the use of lower leg bracing including AFO’s and KAFO’s.

Sessions are performed in 30 or 60 minute sessions with our Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). Each person has the opportunity to experience more fluid walking with multiple walking attempts. As a result, less energy is expended leading to a more enjoyable walking experience.

The MATRIX gait trainer is being used for patient care in hospitals and clinics in the Houston and California area. PARR PT currently offers specialized MATRIX gait training services.


Physical Therapy for Neurological Disorders | Specialized MS Therapy & RehabilitationStrokes are one of the most debilitating conditions in the nation.  A stroke occurs when arteries in the brain have a blockage or rupture causing brain cell damage. As a result, many individuals experience difficulty with speech and walking, as well as other physical disabilities. PARR PT specializes in stroke recovery with treatments that improve strength, balance, and overall quality of life.

Our stroke recovery program is unique in that it incorporates the body as a whole. Exercises use a combination of both upper and lower body movements versus using traditional methods of just one muscle group. Also, the added use of myokinesthetics targets the nerves more effectively to maximize results for brain recovery.

Each patient receives a six week program that includes video exercises with one-on-one training and caregiver training. Other treatments include MATRIX gait training for those wheelchair bound to return to walking.