Patient Testimonials

PARR PT Testimonial | Jordan’s Experience & Results with Physical Therapy for EDS, POTS, Chiari Malformation, Nerve Tension & Joint Pain


Houston, Texas

“I have chronic systemic joint pain, nerve tension and have had 5 blackouts (that I know of) in the past as well. My diagnosis is EDS, POTS and Arnold Chiari 1 Malformation. Since I wanted to apply lifestyle corrections before undergoing invasive procedures, I waited about 4 years before getting decompression surgery.

Before PARR PT, I was in physical discomfort. I had numbness and tingling, loss of balance, depression, lethargy, and brain fog. …

“… At PARR PT, I had many good results, including: practical instructions from a caring individual that I could actually apply as well as a progressive program to re-build around weak areas while reinforcing a lifetime conditioning regime.

PARR PT offers a very personal experience. Jon consistently worked with me to address “current” imbalances and compensations. That list changed every few weeks. He is also able to address these angles with gymnastic and non-conventional exercises, which I feel more apt to do and be compliant on.

Jon is very kind and always “tuned in” when working with me. Some other trainers tend to get distracted by their phones. I also really enjoyed the experience when your butterflies fly by once you begin mastering the exercises.

Jon has been a good mentor and a great friend during a period when life came and distracted me away from balance. His history in the various fields he has chosen to engage himself in has made him a truly unique trainer.”

Testimonial Parr PT | EDS, POTS, Gastroparesis, Chronic Pain

Molly S.

Austin, Texas

“My chronic pain started 3 years ago and started seeking a diagnosis, though I had experienced symptoms since childhood. After being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome  EDS hypermobility type, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and gastroparesis I spent several years seeking various traditional and holistic medicine treatments. It was very difficult to find experts …

“… on these topics without having to travel out of state and get on a year-long waitlist.

PARR PT has utilized a more whole-body approach to managing my health and pain than any other treatment I have experienced. Jonathan’s ability to adapt treatment to be very specific to my symptoms and to develop a detailed home program has been amazing. My favorite experience has been the many different exercises and approaches to a single muscle group or system, there always seems to be something new to try!

I was experiencing very low digestive system motility, daily headaches and pain in most joints before I started treatment. My digestive system has improved more than I ever expected, without the use of any medication. Manual therapy to work on my nervous system has given me more hope for a more regulated system and response to stimuli. And the amount of different stabilization exercises that target small muscles has increased my awareness and decreased my pain greatly.”

Parr PT Testimonial | EDS, IIH, dysautonomia, cervical instability

Kiersten D.

Austin, Texas

“My story began in November of 2017. Once the symptoms became problematic enough to start looking for a specialized physical therapist for my conditions, it took me 5 months to get the correct diagnosis. I have IIH, dysautonomia, cervical instability, and EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

Until that point, I had done some boot camp PT, but it wasn’t working because it wasn’t treating the real issues. …

I stopped PT for quite a while due to a brain surgery and kept waiting for the right physical therapist. Jonathan was highly recommend, so I waited until he set up his new clinic in south Austin … and I am so glad I did!

I wasn’t able to find help in Austin until I started regular physical therapy sessions at Parr PT. He works with me 1-on-1 for the entire session and tailors everything we do to my specific issues. I feel so safe with Jonathan, and he has changed my view on just how effective physical therapy is, especially for someone in my situation. Training and the treatments are fun now, and I know I am in good hands.

My favorite experience at PARR PT is the camaraderie and fun while working on getting better together. Thanks to Jonathan, including his dietary advice and home workout programs in addition to the hands-on treatments  today I am much stronger, have more endurance and better balance.”

Parr PT Review | Low-back pain & ortho-lumbar radiculopathy

Erick V.

Katy, Texas

“For years I have had minor back problems  it wasn’t until January of this year when I started having major problems. It was to the point of where I couldn’t even bend over to touch my knee caps. It was tough to be able to walk straight without tilting to the side to relieve the pain, and having to sit in my car was a huge problem due to my sciatic nerve pinching which made my leg numb. At one point, I realized I couldn’t handle the pain and lack of movement anymore. …

… I needed to find an expert therapist to help. First, I went to doctors, and after multiple scans of my back, they recommended surgery. Not only did it not make sense, but it would have cost thousands of dollars, so I decided to look for an expert physical therapist to help me out.

When I reached out to Jonathan, his on-site evaluation was quick and simple. He asked me to do a few things and at the end of it, he knew exactly what treatment I needed. Since I’m located 2 hours away from Jonathan, I had to do an out-of-town plan. He gave me exercises and workouts to do during the week to be able to strengthen my back and legs. One of the many things I like about Jonathan is that he clearly explains why and how the exercises will help me.

Now that the treatments at PARR PT are over: I am 100% recovered, I can touch my toes, and I can walk normally again. Getting into my car is no longer a problem, and when I run, I no longer feel numb.”

Parr PT Testimonial | Stroke rehabilitation and weight loss

Yvonne M.

Houston, Texas

“Because Jonathan has been so crucial to my recovery and has expanded my world beyond what I thought was possible, I’d like to include a lot of detail in this patient testimonial for PARR PT. My transformation has been incredible and joyful: from suffering a stroke, being stuck in a wheelchair and weighing over 400 pounds, to losing 150 lbs and well on my way to being an additional 100 lbs lighter and walking independently. …

Thanks to PARR PT, I’m already moving with increasing grace and poise, and looking forward to even more activity and ability soon. The physical therapy treatments have been phenomenal, but Jonathan’s approach and skill go beyond the assessment, training, increased strength, and endurance, which is the foundation of true recovery. Motivating and supportive of all aspects, this therapist looks beyond the physical and addresses the mental and spiritual challenges that promote growth, the difference between surviving and thriving, the extension from personal success to success in and for loved ones and community.

Stroke, hospital, 1 month St. David’s rehab, PT, OT, ST, excellent wonderful therapy – In wheelchair, moved by Hoyer lift, over 400 lbs, on peg tube, start of weight loss
3 months Mentis rehab, PT,OT,ST, excellent, wonderful therapy – Continued to lose weight, stay cut off with short notice, but last day, took first walk with zimmer frame, few trials, 3 steps, 12 steps 18 steps, very exciting
After 1 month of awful rehab at another location (PT & OT that basically only entailed some walking), and 2 months of strange dungeon-like group home, I was lucky enough to meet and get started with Jonathan. Can we say loudly enough that God works in mysterious ways? At times, I was freaked out about weird placements and emotionally shut down, so working, sometimes hard sometimes not, but always knowing I was in good hands at Parr PT. The continuation of our journey has been continued weight loss and so much physical progress.

What would I tell others about Parr Physical Therapy and Jonathan’s clinic in Austin?
I love being part of the Parr PT family! Get ready to listen and commit. The path and program are customized for your needs and abilities. Your goals are not limited to the limits you may place on them in the beginning. The information and instruction are spot on. Jonathan is very adept at continually assessing and re-assessing abilities and goals. His explanations of the process and the foundations are impeccable. In the beginning, he told me that if I worked hard for him, he would work hard for me. I have found that to be beyond true.

If I had to pick one favorite experience, it would be that I love sharing the excitement of goals reached. Taking part in the genuine excitement is incredible. With the realization and reiteration that my goals only increase, we never go back. I also really enjoy the moments when I reach new milestones. We always recognize and celebrate them together before moving on to the next steps. I soar with knowing that such a wonderful physical therapist believes in me to do and accomplish the next “scary thing.

I always feel safe and inspired at Parr PT. The way Jonathan motivates me and continually makes progress with me is personally gratifying. I love the way we have taken that to my community even more. People are inspired, moving, sharing their stories, sharing encouragement, growth everywhere, so amazing.

The results I obtained: weight loss, movement, peace, excitement, and now I am constantly looking forward, forward, forward!”

Testimonial Parr PT | Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention for Jiu Jitsu and MMA

Dylan C.

Austin, Texas

“After turning 40, I decided to literally get back into the ring: Jiu Jitsu, functional fitness & weight training, and running. However, I needed an expert physical therapist as a personal trainer to make this happen because my recovery time had slowed down quite a bit, and I was more prone to regular injuries that kept me from training at 100%.

I am very happy (and honored) to have found PARR PT, not only because Jonathan is such a top-shelf guy and 6-time American Ninja Warrior verteran!, but also because …

“… he was able to both locate and remove weaknesses and instabilities in my core strength that I didn’t even know existed.

Jonathan taught me a detailed training plan, tailored exactly to my needs, that I could also do in part at home (which saved me a lot of money) as well as a diet that helped me slowly shed 20 pounds in a sustainable way.

Along the way, Jonathan was able to treat my sparring injuries — minor pulled muscles and sprains — and get me back to sparring at 100% very fast. It was impressive what he could do to release tight calf muscles and markedly increase my overall hamstring and lower back flexibility.

This 2nd-quarter comeback would not have been possible without Parr PT’s expertise and guidance to better overall fitness and holistic health for longevity. I would recommend Jonathan and his team to everyone who wants to start enjoying life again without any physical limitations … and possibly even compete again!

The PARR PT team does NOT believe in ‘over the hill.’ And if you train with them and stick to their customized diet for you, I’m sure you’ll experience similar mental and physical results that you didn’t even think were possible.”

Julia S.

Austin, Texas

“This testimonial took me a long time to get around to because, for the first time in years, I can actually get out and do things! I spent most of the past five years at home sick due to symptoms of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia. I have been in PT for about a month at Parr PT, and I have already improved so much that I can volunteer in my daughters’ classrooms, lead their Girl Scout troop, and with the extra energy I have I am taking computer science classes as well! …

“… Last school year I couldn’t stay awake for an entire day and spent most of the time when they were at school sleeping.

I sought out PT services due to increasing pain and instability that led me to injure myself any time I did an activity. I had no idea that symptoms other than pain and soft tissue injury had the possibility of being improved. I had done Physical Therapy every few years in the past, and my muscles would get stronger but since I still felt generally ill overall, I never felt well enough to maintain my strength after my PT sessions were over.

I have been dizzy, nauseous, and fatigued from GI problems  nd Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction for as long as I can remember. I have been on Miralax for 15+ years due to severe chronic constipation  By severe I mean it caused a prolapse and pregnancy complications. After 3-4 weeks of PT therapy on my gut, I was able to get off of Miralax completely for the first time in my adult life!

Spectacularly, after only 1-2 weeks my dizziness, nausea, pain, and fatigue were so much better that I could already stand for long periods of time and go out with my kids for hours-long playdates without my autonomic symptoms making me sick after an hour.

I have felt so many muscle groups wake up in the few weeks I have been doing PT, and during the day I actually feel them keeping my body safe and in place. My favorite thing about PT is how quickly and measurably I have seen results. It gets pretty depressing just getting worse and worse and sicker and sicker with a chronic illness, and now I notice I get excited about a new day because I can’t wait to see how my body has gotten better since the day before. It is really exciting!”

Kent W.

Driftwood, Texas

“I waited at least three years before dealing with my knee issues  I thought that surgery was my only option, and I had already been through that process.

Luckily, my experience at ParrPT was very different then any other PTs I have had. …

“… The exercises combined with balance techniques have given me more strength, confidence and gotten rid of constant swelling around my knee. It has also made my good knee feel better. Jonathan is always ready with your information and totally keeps up with your progress. The other attributes is that while my knee issues are being dealt with. Jonathan has included other areas of my body that contribute to my knee issues. So we are also working on those areas. I would absolutely recommend Jonathan. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns or reservations.”


Cincinnati, Ohio

“Jonathan is an extremely talented PT who is more dedicated to his patients than any PT we have ever met. The research he did for our daughter’s case, and the extraordinary progress she made under his care gave her a chance to have her health, strength and confidence back. She has been diagnosed with the “trifecta” and she was Jonathan’s first EDS patient. We will be forever grateful for all he did for her!”