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Below you’ll find a brief selection of the most frequently asked questions by Parr PT patients who suffer from a variety of complex conditions such as EDS or neurological disorders to high-performance athletes experiencing stubborn recurrent injuries that tend to keep them from performing at their best. Our myokinestics-based specialized physical therapy treatments can help!

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At Parr PT, in addition to sports rehab & injury prevention for high-performance athletes, we also treat a wide range of complex conditions, including:

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As your body learns correct movement patterns, reduces compensation, and normalizes vital functioning  you can expect the initial results to be somewhat slower in progression. As you progress through this learning process, the body will begin to respond with subtle changes, also in body awareness and proprioception as well as with less “fight or flight” responses in your day-to-day activities. The progressions continues with improvement with activity tolerance, increased strength and stability and functional endurance. It is important to understand that each persons progression is different but ultimately the consistency with a program with ultimately lead to optimal results.

Physical therapy is very effective in treating EDS when given the appropriate program and treatment plan. It has been show to reduce POTS symptoms, dizziness, pain, dislocations/subluxations, vertigo, headaches, and recurrent injuries. It has also shown to improve gut motility, autonomic functioning, balance, strength, endurance, and overall quality of life.

Our physical therapy assessments are tailored specifically to your needs and abilities, detailed according to 3 Systems that are vital to your health, your:

  • Autonomic regulation
  • Vestibular system
  • Digestive system.

Our healthcare system in the U.S. has changed over the last few years, limiting the quality care that each person receives. “In-network” clinicians are now needing to see 2-3 patients per hour, which requires assistants or PT aides to perform actual patient care. Most of this time is spent using modalities such as hot packs or on recumbent bikes for up to a total 15-30 minutes. This leaves most patient’s with less than 20 minutes of true 1-on-1 care.

At Parr PT, we provide you the highest level of care, and we do NOT depend on insurance companies to control the kind of care you receive. Without the distraction from multiple patients, each client is able to be seen with full undivided attention for 30 or 60 minutes. A detailed and extensive home program is also provided at no additional cost.

If you would prefer to submit for insurance reinbursement, an invoice will be provided after each session with the appropriate information to do so.

Feel free to wear loose-fitting or athletic clothing, whatever is most comfortable for you. Don’t forget comfortable shoes, and avoid dresses or skirts.

If you tend to get cold in air conditioned office spaces, you can wear long pants and a sweatshirt. Also you might want to bring some cozy socks, since you will take your shoes off for the evaluation and treatments.

For our high-performance athletes, wear what you normally would in a public gym setting.

Each patient or athlete receives a full one-hour assessment, which includes specialized testing related to autonomic regulation, body awareness and balance, and digestive functioning. In addition, all of our patients and personal-training clients will receive a 6-week, video-based exercise program that includes over 40 exercises … tailored specifically for each person.

Of course you can bring a snack or something to drink before your session starts or after we finish. However, eating or drinking during a session is not recommended.

There are many restaurants and shops close to the clinic. However, vending machines for snacks or water aren’t available in the building at this time.

Yes. Our facilities have a private bathroom with a sink as well as a separate shower. So, you can definitely freshen up and change on-site before your session begins.

We have a credit card and debit card reader and always accept cash payments. PayPal and Venmo are also current payment options.

Of course you can also pay with personal check (due right after each treatment) or for discounted package deals.

At Parr PT, we value your time, and the time of all our other patients as well. Therefore, if you’re running a little late, you will unfortunately lose that time in your session and will have to pay for the full session. As many of you know, Austin traffic is pretty intense these days, so be sure to calculate that into your travel time.

Please also remember that our cancellation policy states that if you don’t cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you will have to pay the full session amount; this policy is in place so that we can flexibly accommodate all our patients’ schedules. We appreciate your understanding.

Absolutely! Our physical therapy treatments work for people of all ages and backgrounds, and parents are very welcome to attend and even participate in their child’s treatment sessions.