Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Illness

Specialized PT for Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, and Chronic Illness

Have you been to multiple clinicians with minimal results to help relieve chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or chronic illness? Any injury whether chronic, acute, or sport related, results from multiple system dysfunction. PARR PT specializes in finding the root causes of the pain, and weakness’ that limits the ability to enjoy life’s activities. Through our specialized assessments specific to our “3-Systems” approach, we can effectivity target these dysfunctions.

Although you’ll probably need a series of visits, understanding that developing a foundation is key to success for optimal recovery. What sets us apart is the implementation our ”Foundational Program” based off over 15 years experience.  Our medical graded exercise programs specifically target faulty movement patterns that result in added stress to the body. As a result, this will improve vital function related to breathing, vision, and digestive functioning.

PARR PT uses hands on manual therapy that addresses posture and nerve balancing through Myokinesthetics. Other techniques include improving muscle length and mobility through myofascial release, visceral manipulation and muscle energy techniques. Also, we offer micro-current point stimulation therapy to reduce scar adhesions, chronic pain, and improve organ function.

The focus of each program involves calming the “fight-or flight” response to allow for more fluid movement without compensation. If you don’t move right, you don’t feel right. If you don’t feel right, you don’t heal right. Whether it’s to maximize athletic performance or to improve day to day activities, PARR PT has you covered.

Scar Pain & Scar Tissue Release

Reduce Chronic Pain with Scar-Tissue ReleaseScar pain may vary from intense pain or limited mobility, specialized physical therapy can provide you with scar-pain relief. With our manual therapy treatments, scar tissue can be released reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Scars commonly occur after a form of trauma from post-pregnancy to surgical repairs of ligaments or bones. MPS Scar Release therapy uses principles of acupuncture points to break up the adhesions to the entire length of scars.

We all accumulate scars throughout our lives, and they impact our bodies in many negative ways. A simple scar from a childhood accident to can have a lifelong effect both physically and mentally. Scar tissue has the potential to spread in any direction including internally throughout the body. Therefore, it can restrict movement or function anywhere in the body from a joint to an organ. Scars effects also include:

  • Chronic pain and Nerve pain
  • Cause autonomic dysfunction producing stress on the heart and nerves
  • Reduction in muscle and organ performance
  • Suppress female hormone levels

Benefits of Scar Release Therapy Include:

  1. Increased flow of energy
  2. Improved blood circulation
  3. More efficient lymph drainage
  4. Improved motion and mobility

The duration of treatment will depend on the amount of scar sites each person has. Whether from injury or surgery, scar tissue can always been significantly improved with MPS Scar/Adhesion Release Therapy. In general, MPS treatment is completely painless. You will see immediate visible changes in the appearance and reduction in the tightness at the scar site.

Scar tissue release therapy is extraordinarily simple to learn and easy to apply. It yields powerful results that can prevent a lifetime of compensation, complications, and pain.