Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Elite Personal Training for High-Performance Athletes in Austin & Houston | Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Sports Physical Therapy | Awareness and Balance Training for High Performance AthletesParr PT in Austin and Houston, Texas specializes in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention for high-performance athletes. Our therapists have years of experience in treating some the most elite competitors in the world. Each of the athletes varied in skill set from professional and Olympic athletes, to junior high school athletes. Parr PT’s unique “3-systems” approach involves treating multiple body systems at once to maximize the speed of recovery. The combination of these systems improves breathing patterns, reaction time, and enhances body awareness. In addition, we provide specialized treatments that include Myokinesthetics, manual therapy, and vestibular training.


Specialized PT for Sports Rehab and Injury Prevention | Wellness Training for Elite Athletic PerformanceOur clinic currently employs 2 of the 5 certified Myokinesthetics or “MYK” in the state of Texas. MYK has shown to significantly reduce pain, promote healing, and decrease the time needed to return to the sport. Each person undergoes a functional movement screening to identify the primary areas of pain and dysfunction. This includes a series of upper and lower body testing that reveal faulty movement patterns responsible for joint and tissue stress.

In addition, our 6-week exercise program builds a stronger foundation necessary to respond in various environments without further damage. Regardless of which sport you play, Parr PT provides the tools required to return back to sports safely at an elite level.