Step By Step: Walking with the Matrix Gait Trainer

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It can be daunting to get up and get moving for those battling Parkinson’s disease. It can take a lot of energy and, in many cases, a lot of outside help. But there’s a simple and easy solution. We are here to help rebuild that confidence and get you moving with one of the best rehabilitation walkers on the market: Matrix Gait Trainer

What Is The Matrix Gait Trainer?

The Matrix Gait Trainer looks like your everyday walker, but we’ve added a few inventive bells and whistles. Most notably are the bungee cords. There are two sets of cords on the walker that slip onto the feet and around the knees of the person using them.

As the user pushes the walker forward, tension builds within the bungee cords. When they lift their leg to take their next step, the bungee cords release some of that tension and safely propel the leg forward. The Matrix Gait Trainer takes a lot of thinking out of walking. You don’t have to strain and spend a lot of energy trying to take every step. The bungee cords guide each leg and allow for a seamless and comfortable walking stride.

Most importantly, the Matrix Gait Trainer is safe and stable. It has adjustable handrails that can be raised or lowered to fit the perfect height of each user. We incorporated a wider base at the back of the walker as well. This provides more stability and greatly decreases the risk of tipping and falling as weight constantly gets shifted back and forth.

Why Should You Get The Matrix?

With a wider base of support and our innovative bungee support system, the MATRIX helps you step more confidently and safely. You will be able to:

  • Minimize muscle compensation.
  • Stimulate correct muscle activation.
  • Increase the number of safe, high-quality steps per session.
  • Feel safer and more stable.
  • Take steps in a more natural and unrestricted pattern.

The Matrix Gait Trainer takes a lot of thinking and effort out of each step, allowing you to do more of what you want, walking. And it’s a simple device. Other walkers include complicated fixtures or harnesses. With the Matrix Gait Trainer, you only need to attach a few easy straps together before you are on your way. It only needs one additional person to help get the walker ready and only takes a few moments.

We value bringing you the best care and an affordable product. Unfortunately, the price tag of other popular rehabilitation walkers is skyrocketing. Some of the top-of-the-line models can cost more than $1,000. Meanwhile, the Matrix Gait Trainer is half that ($450) and offers superior functionality and a smoother walking experience.

“The Matrix is the perfect balance of efficacy and ease of use… The price point and physical footprint make it an easy decision from a practice manager position. Win, win, win.” 
– Mac H.

Get the Best Standing Walker for Parkinson’s today and get FREE shipping for all deliveries within the United States. Purchase your Matrix Gait Trainer today and start feeling a difference with each step!

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