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Fatigue with POTS and general tiredness is very common today. In fact, it is becoming a way of life for many. I’m guessing that you experience burn-out or fatigue every once in a while. Perhaps you feel this way on a daily basis.

Tiredness is a natural human reaction to a variety of circumstances. It tells us that our bodies need to rest and that we need to stop doing whatever we’re doing and take a break. It occurs due to the human body’s energy depletion and replenishment cycle.

However, tiredness, should not be a constant sensation. Our bodies should be re-energized to take on the daily tasks of life once they have had enough rest. You might have an underlying condition if you’re always tired, even after getting enough rest.

It could be that you aren’t getting enough rest, or that you aren’t getting enough rest effectively, or that your body or brain is ill, or it might simply be “fatigue.” Fatigue can be a standalone ailment or a symptom of something more serious.

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is one of the many reasons of fatigue (POTS). POTS is frequently misdiagnosed and overlooked. Physical Therapist Jonathan Parr, answers questions about extreme fatigue with POTS.

Why Do We Experience Fatigue with POTS?

A variety of factors can cause fatigue. First, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Our body’s fight-flight-freeze response can also contribute to fatigue.

When we experience trauma, stress, or a chronic illness, our bodies go into a
fight-flight-freeze response to protect us from the dangers. Fatigue happens when the body’s “freeze” response turns on. This results in a lack of energy in the body.

Our hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis receives increased cortisol during stressful-traumatic situations, causing an overdrive. This leads to exhaustion and total burnout.

The Remedy To Feeling Burned-Out

Causes of Fatigue with POTS | What you can do about feeling tired all the timeIf there is an underlying condition in our bodies, such as fatigue with POTS, exhaustion sends us a message that we need to rest and check our health. If simple movements cause extreme fatigue in this case, it is best to consult a clinician who is familiar with this type of physiological response.

Fatigue is caused by disrupting the autonomic nervous system’s sympathetic dominance regulation, according to Lindsay Mitchell, a physician assistant with Vital-Side. To put it simply, sympathetic dominance occurs when the sympathetic nervous system actively participates in our immediate thoughts, actions, emotions, and reactions. This function’s dominance triggers a fight or flight response in our brain, and its dysregulation keeps us in “freeze” mode.

She suggests there are ways to deal with this situation, but the individual’s idea of safety and comfort will also need to be considered. Lindsay says that to change your physical state, which she calls “state-changing exercises. “She instructs you to sit up straight to begin this renewal, giving the impression that you are serious about this session. Next, take three seconds to inhale and exhale. She also advises you to visualize the color “yellow” in your mind to help fight fatigue.

Imagine inhaling the color yellow, which represents vitality and renewal, and spreading it throughout your body. After a few minutes, your heartbeats will be in sync with your brain waves, resulting in a state of harmony in your body.

While we are stuck in freeze mode, we feel like we are losing power and control over our bodies. Combining the state-changing exercise with yellow can help us overcome fatigue because yellow energizes our minds.

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