A Chronic Illness Diagnosis is NOT Your Label: Your 3-Systems to Recovery

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Are you feeling discouraged because of a chronic illness diagnosis? Moving towards your journey of healing is a major stepping stone in the mind, body, and spirit connection. In Rewire The Podcast, we discuss how you can holistically reframe the way you look at your diagnosis and begin addressing the nervous system. This will help you heal from the inside out.

PARR PT is one of the few rehabilitation clinicians nationwide who specializes in treating EDS and Dysautonomia using the 3-systems approach. We focus on the holistic side of healing instead of the diagnosis or prognosis. We know that recovery begins with a focus on the neurological system and the mind-body link, rather than the label of the diagnosis.

Understanding & Reframing a Diagnosis of Chronic Illness

A Diagnosis of chronic illness goes further than the label a physician gives to a patient. Our approach is centered at looking deeper than that physical prognosis. The human body is an intricate system of connections that work together to create your overall health. We dig into how the brain communicates with the rest of the body and how we can get the right stimulus to work together.

If you have a rare disease, the first step towards recovery is acknowledging that your diagnosis does not define you. It might be related to your body, but your brain has a different way of healing itself. Focusing on the label of your diagnosis often does more harm than good.

If you are too stressed or anxious, the dysregulation of your hormones might interrupt your recovery. This causes fatigue and physical issues that are standing in the way of your body healing itself.

Many patients come to us with traumatic and painful experiences from previous treatment(s) gone wrong. We start by educating our patients on how the brain communicates with the rest of the body. Once we establish that connectivity is the foundation to recovery, we work together to find the right kind of stimulus to get the mind, body and spirit in cohesion.

The 3-Systems Approach to Improving Your Quality of Life after Being Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness 

It’s essential to note, not only how the patients are physically feeling, but also how they interact, what their stress responses are, whether they are anxious or traumatized, and their overall mental state. We tap into the “invisible” part of your health so we can help you heal from the inside out.

In the 3-Systems approach, we try to figure out if patients can regulate their autonomic nervous system. We learn about the digestive systems by asking if they have any difficulties in absorbing food, constipation, etc. We also examine the inner ear to learn more about patients’ eyes, brains, and spatial awareness. This reveals if there is any lack of coordination.

If your spatial awareness isn’t working properly, your autonomic nervous system can overwork to protect itself from physical or emotional injuries. So it’s important to make sure this stress response doesn’t get in the way of your recovery. Before physical therapy, it’s critical to work with the entire body and consider the foundation of the autonomic nervous system.

PARR PT is Here to Help You!

Jonathan PARR elaborates on all of the things addressed in this article (and more) in the podcast linked above. He offers his advice to people who enjoyed an athletic life prior to the sudden onset of a chronic illness. 

Is this something that you’d like more help and advice on? Reach out to us here at Parr PT to discuss your conditions and schedule a phone or on-site consultation in Austin, Houston, or various locations in Colorado.

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