MYK-Myokinesthetics is highly effective technique that targets nerve function to treat chronic pain and illness, EDS, and other various conditions. This technique eliminates the “thumb poking” approach providing a more comfortable experience. Results occur faster due to the targeting of specific muscle groups related to the affected area. As a result, posture alignment improves with reduction of pain.

Also, MYK-Myokinesthetics improves the function of organs related to dysautonomia, bowel disorders, and other disorders. Organ dysfunction can be challenging to treat, but by using combinations of upper and lower body treatments, these systems will respond more effectively. Currently, 2 out of 5 certified MYK-Myokinesthetics clinicians found at Parr PT in Austin and Houston, Texas.

Improve Your Car Sickness Through Physical Therapy

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Are you sending mixed signals? If you’ve ever suffered from a bout of car sickness on a road trip, you might be. However, maybe not in the way you think. But you can improve your car sickness through physical therapy! When you feel carsick, you’ll generally experience nausea, dizziness, headaches, or maybe even vomiting. Falling …

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How Physical Therapy Can Alleviate Headaches Successfully

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We’ve all experienced a headache from time to time due to stress, lack of sleep, or before we’ve had our morning coffee. However, what happens when a sudden headache becomes a chronic migraine or begins to affect other areas of our everyday life? It’s essential to understand the cause of chronic neck pain or a …

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