Scar Treatment

Scar treatment is vital to tissue recovery after surgery or other types of traumatic injury. Trauma can also occur from surgical repairs of ligaments and bones or after pregnancy. When left untreated, scar tissue can spread in any direction including internally throughout the body. Using a painless microcurrent point stimulation “MPS”, scars will begin to reduce in size and thickness.

Microcurrent point stimulation therapy releases scars by breaking up the adhesions to the entire length of scars using a direct current. It also reduces the thickness improving joint mobility reducing the tightness throughout the scar.

Using key acupuncture points, the microcurrent point stimulation treatment can also alter the nervous system signaling to reduce pain and stimulate organ function. It is highly effective in treating chronic pain, bowel disorders, and fibromyalgia.

Living with Abdominal Adhesions

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Did you know there is a chance you are living with abdominal adhesions right now and you don’t even know it? When you have trauma or surgery in your abdomen or pelvis, you run the risk of developing abdominal adhesions. What are Abdominal Adhesions? Bands of internal scar tissue known as abdominal adhesions develop between […]

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How to Manage Your Arthritis

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Are you one of the millions of individuals around the world unsure of how to manage your arthritis? There are a variety of conditions that contribute to the millions of people who suffer from arthritis. One of the most common of those is osteoarthritis. Arthritis has long been a source of chronic pain and has

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Information and Exercises to Combat Your Chronic Ankle Pain

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Suffering from Chronic Ankle Pain? Chronic ankle pain runs rampant among athletes and former athletes. Our awareness begins at our feet and ankles so it’s important that this joint functions properly. You do not have to be a former athlete to experience chronic ankle pain. It is even more common among everyday people and worse

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Is Your Scar the Cause of Your Chronic Pain?

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Is Your Scar The Cause Of Your Chronic Pain? Could your scar be the cause of your chronic pain? It might be. If you have a scar, you may not only have a cool—or crazy—story about how you got it, but you probably have other issues that you’d least expect as a result of it,

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